Wolves.pngWolves are a species of mammal that occasionally stray past the Scent Border and in the Mouse Territories.

Appearance and Characteristics

Wolves are the ultimate predators. A pack of these beautiful, yet savage creatures can bring down any other creature in the Territories. Mostly, wolves leave mice alone. There are bigger, richer meals to hunt outside the Territories. Inevitably, though, a local wolf pack will fall onto hard times and suffer from a lean year. At this point, the wolves turn to nearly anything that moves to sustain themselves.

Bigger than coyotes and foxes, wolves hunt in packs. This enables them to bring down still larger prey — such as moose and deer. They are, in fact, unparalleled hunters. Patient, skilled and cunning, to watch them hunt is to witness an act of terrible beauty. Wolves are active year-round, but since the pack needs so much food to sustain itself, they rarely remain in one place for long. Wolves hunt in packs of three to seven.


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