Port Sumac

Port_Sumac.pngPort Sumac is a remote, seaside mouse town located on the cliffs of the North Sea. It is commonly used as a resupply point on the Darkwater to Rustleaf trade route. While the town itself sits on a granite outcropping, the actual port is nestled beneath this shelf.1

Port Sumac is inhabited by families of laborers, boat-crafters, weather-watchers, weavers and merchantmice. Anymouse who could serve on board a ship or service a ship in port can be found in this small, bustling port.

Citizens and society
Port Sumac is run by a council of ship captains. The captain with the most profitable trade in the last year heads the council, which incidentally has no fixed size. Councilmice determine the laws of the port, set the taxes and perform other administrative duties. New members may be inducted by a majority vote of the council, and for their troubles, each councilmouse earns a share of all goods collected from the town’s imports and exports.

The town imports a variety of goods – cloth, worked metal and grains are of primary importance. It exports its services in the shipping trade, and is also famous for a drink called “Rhuse Juice” made from the berries the sumac trees which dot the town’s immediate area. Port Sumac also exports dark maroon dyes and tannins for leather.

Port Sumac

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