Lockhavenexterior.pngLockhaven is the home of the Mouse Guard. Carved deep into stone, only the face of Lockhaven is visible from the outside. It is also protected by a thick layer of ivy. Lockhaven serves as a base of operations for the Guard and is not a true city. While there are mouse citizens that live there, they are only there as invited guests of the Guard to preform certain skills and labors.

Weapons and Armor
A full time smith is kept on hand at Lockhaven to mend, sharpen, and create weapons and tools for the Guard. Occasionally this job is held by a Guard, but often it proves too time consuming for a patrol mouse.

Staple foods are stored in abundance, while prepared foods are made as needed as it is unknown how many or few will be fed on any given day. Lockhaven is known for Gabereen: a dense bread filled with seeds, fruits, and nuts. It travels well and stays warm long after baking.

Woven and sewn fabrics are important to the mice of Lockhaven. The Guard are known for their cloaks, which need to be both warm and durable as they are a Guard’s primary piece of clothing.

Lockhaven is also home to a hive of bees. The mice harvest the honey for food and the wax for goods and medicinal purposes. To do this, the Apiary Keeper uses smoke to charm the bees. The bees also serve as a natural deterrent to other predators.


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