It is the Summer of 1200. It has been decades since the events The Weasel War, the Battle of Lockhaven, and the Awakening of the Slumbering Giant. Memories of these great battles have begun to fade into Legend. A hard earned peace has been enjoyed by the Territories for the past twenty years. The Matriarch, a clever and beautiful warrior maiden named Isolde, leads the Mouse Guard with confidence and grace. It is a time of prosperity throughout the territories. The scholars have dubbed the twenty years of Isoldeā€™s leadership as The Great Peace.

Unfortunately, an end to the Great Peace looms on the horizon.

A powerful, primal force stirs just beyond the Scent Border, and old enemies of the Guard seek to harness its dark power to wreck vengeance upon the Territories. Once unleashed it will sweep the territories in a tide of blood, chaos, and death.

Once again returns the time for heroes. The Patrols of the honorable Mouse Guard stand as the shield against the darkness.

What new Legends will be forged of their deeds?

Art by David Petersen

Mouse Guard: The Wolfsbane Saga

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